Hexcel is committed to operating all of our facilities worldwide in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

To that end, we strive to meet or exceed the applicable legal standards in all areas affecting safety, health and the environment, and our goal is to achieve world-class performance in our efforts. We develop management processes to help us to achieve this goal. These include conference calls by region, annual improvement plans and communication of accident and incident information.

While the responsibility for safety and health is shared by every employee, we believe our management must provide the direction, accountability and resources for these efforts to be effective. Each manager at Hexcel is responsible for safety and health in his or her respective area. A healthier, safer Hexcel is a more profitable enterprise – a win-win for employees and shareholders.

To be world-class in safety and health means that Hexcel:

  • Strives to eliminate workplace injuries
  • Protects employee health from workplace exposures
  • Complies with safety and health regulations
  • Protects Hexcel property from accidental loss
  • Promotes the safe use of Hexcel products 

Our Commitment to Environment, Health and Safety

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 

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