Prepregs & Resins

Resins and resin-impregnated reinforcements for high strength, toughness and structural performance at low weight.

Hexcel provides a range of prepregs under the HexPly® trademark for aerospace and industrial applications, using specially formulated epoxy, phenolic and BMI resin matrix systems. HexPly® prepregs are reinforced with woven, multiaxial and unidirectional (UD) carbon and glass fibers.

The aerospace industry is the greatest consumer of Hexcel prepregs, for civil aircraft, military jets, helicopters, aero-engines or space satellite and launchers. Hexcel’s range of resin formulations for aerospace prepregs includes a wide range of epoxies for highly loaded parts and supreme toughness; BMI systems for high temperature performance; phenolics for fire, smoke and toxicity performance in aircraft interiors; and cyanate esters for space structures and satellite applications.

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Design Aids

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Bleeder Aid for Satellite Prepregs

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