HexForce Woven Fabric

HexForce® Woven Reinforcements

Hexcel manufactures a wide range of reinforcements for the manufacture of structural composites, used in aerospace, military, transportation and industrial applications.

Woven reinforcements are the result of at least two threads which are interlaced at 0° (the warp) and 90° (the weft), with the weave style varying according to the required performance. Woven reinforcements are available in a wide range of weave patterns including plain, twill, and satin weaves. Woven reinforcements are easy to handle, provide good drape and formability, and look good. 

Hexcel manufactures the most complete line of reinforcements for aerospace and industrial markets and offers a range of globally certified aerospace products in carbon, glass and aramid and specialty fibers that we sell under the HexForce® trademark.

Continuous rolls of carbon fiber fabric in which the warp and weft yarns are oriented on the bias at +/- 45°
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