Composite Repair

Prepreg repair solutions for aerospace structures

HexPly® M20 Prepreg for Composite Repair

In the early 1990’s, Hexcel was asked by the newly formed Composite Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC) to develop a prepreg repair solution for Aerospace structures. Hexcel proposed an epoxy prepreg with high temperature performance from a low energy cure cycle. HexPly® M20 prepreg cures at 130°C (265°F) to form a tough, high temperature resistant fiber-reinforced composite.
Compared to wet lay-up repair systems, prepreg provides a cleaner, more efficient and controllable process.
Through the CACRC qualifications, HexPly® M20 offers a harmonized product across multiple OEM’s for airlines to purchase and stock for all their fleet repair needs.


HexPly® M20 prepreg rolls are stocked by the following companies, with AIM Altitude the only current CACRC approved supplier of M20 Kits.

AIM Altitude, Waterbeach, Cambridge, CB5 9QR (UK)
Contacts: Kevin Stigwood, Mike Ranner; Tel: +44 (0)1223 441000

Composite Distribution, BP 30044 01120 Dagneux, (France)
Contact: Patrick Renard; Tel: + 33(0)4 72 25 26 86

HEATCON® Composite Systems, 600 Andover Park East, Seattle, WA 98188
Contact: Clint Millett; Tel: 206-575-1333


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