Structural Parts

Compression molding

To comply with high volume production requirements of the automotive industry Hexcel offers HexPly® M77 prepreg, which cures in 2 min @ 150°C. Hexcel also developed a fully industrialized process (>1000 preforms/day) for 2D-preform manufacturing in order to provide added value.

Read about the use of HexPly® M77 in this article by Composites World:  Hybrid Carbon Fiber Aluminum Suspension Knuckle

Resin transfer molding (RTM)

Hexcel offers a highly innovative range of multiaxial fabrics under the trade name HiMax™. Working together with the customer, Hexcel can provide personalized fabrics for complexities of final parts, different processes, and fiber requirements. This,in turn, has a potential to reduce fabric cost and process time, while still providing an appropriate NCF for each customer.