Suspension Parts

Hexcel has more than 20 years experience in heavyweight glass prepreg and 15 years of experience in serial material delivery for composite leaf springs (e.g. Renault Master).

The material solutions of choice for these applications are HexPly® M9.6 prepreg and HexPly® M901. HexPly® M9.6 offers excellent fatigue and hot/creep performance at the lowest cost possible.

HexPly® M901 prepreg was developed for leaf springs, offering a cure time of less than 15 minutes, 15% higher mechanical performance than standard prepregs, and enhanced fatigue properties. HexPly® M901 provides a Tg of up to 200°C, following post-cure. Unidirectional glass materials are available in areal weights up to 1,600 gsm.